Offroad Rig Generator Setup for Geometrynodes/ Blender 3.2

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Offroad Rig Generator for geometrynodes in latest Blender 3.2 ->

Offroad Rig generator offers easy rig setup for offroad or on road scenes with a click of a button.
Dummy car included.

Distributing or re-selling the product is prohibited.


- Drift mode enabled ! With drift multiply option
- Automated and adjustable leaning in thight corners.
- Fake wiggle has scale option for the noise size. Good to adjust smaller in high speed scenes.
- Many small improvements !


- Supports multiple tires now! AND individual adjustment for each extra set of wheels.
- Adjustment for range of wheels to turn.
- Additional wheel turning adjustment for commercial type ending or just stationary rotation.
- Additional body adjustments to animate throttle or braking
- New Delay Bump function that fakes physics after bumps. ( Works mostly on smoother surfaces)

Welcome to Blenderesse - Offroad Rig Generator V03 for Blender 3.2


Here are some notes you might need.

- See the Car Example parts to find out what parts can be separated and how to place the origin points.

- Always keep the curve above the collision object Collection

- Always keep the curve flat without any tilt. If something looks weird just make a new curve.

- Rig doesnt do that well with small details so if possible make proxy version of your detailed collision objects!

- Rig cant handle very steep drops or rises or jumps off the ground.

- With the Turn Range Debugger you can easily chech if you have made too tight corners for the car to handle.

The car tires should fit about the range of the debugger, otherwise there will be sliding.

- Delay Bump works on smoother collisions better. Its basically faked by calculating same path path later so very detailed ground may cause weirdness.

- Have fun and test different values. Remember its not based on simulation so there will be non-realistic moments!


NO CUSTOMER SERVICE PROVIDED. Always check you have correct version of blender !

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You´ll get cool little rig generator with many options and some preset object.

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Offroad Rig Generator Setup for Geometrynodes/ Blender 3.2

192 ratings
I want this!