Geometrynodes Setup - Electric Line Generator Blender 3.0 Alpha (legacy nodes!)

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Geometrynodes Setup - Electric Line Generator Blender 3.0 Alpha (legacy nodes!)

118 ratings

NOTE! This product uses Legacy nodes from old Geometrynodes System.
These nodes will dissappear eventually before Blender 4.0.

Electric lines generator Setup for Geometrynodes.
Distributing or re-selling the product is prohibited.

If you want to add this to your existing scene Append the "Electric_Poles_Generator" Collection from the file to your Blender scene. 

NOTE: When ever new version appears you might need to download the latest experimental build of Blender 3.0 
Know limitation: 
- Some crashes might occure due Blenders alpha version. 


Version 0.2
-viewport settings tweeked. Shadow or something caused a lot of crashes

-option to change scale of the preview icosphere

Version 0.3
- secondary rope option!

- more precise connection point detection

- lots of small tweaks

Version 0.4
- additional large powerline ( later more options!)
- wind noise resolution for better look
- pole scale / randomize scale added
- faster and more reliable system

Version 0.5

- new rope visualization thanks to latest blender 3.0 version

- 2 new electric line options ! total of 4 options to choose from. 

- cleaning the nodetrees to make it still faster and better! 

- new procedural materials

Version 0.6

- 3 different chord profiles
- Wall Chords Beta

Version 0.7

- 2 new pole setups more making it total of 6 different ones !
- automatic catenary addition
- better chords attachment in climb situations and overall 
- better spacing between poles
- Offset poles setting
- Pole Scale randomize changed to Pole Scale

Version 0.8
-Adjusted real life scales
-Few tweeks

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